Speciality Rebreather


In the RAID System of Rebreather training, we have developed a unique Core Level of Education supported by training for individual Rebreather units through our Rebreather Specialities.

The Core Level of Rebreather education provides the depth limit and skill level of your experience and the Rebreather Speciality, the unit/s you are certified to dive or use.

The two certifications together confirm Rebreather certification.

Once you have completed a Rebreather Speciality you continue your education via the Core Rebreather Levels.

The convenience of this system for you is that you can develop your rebreather skill level and easily switch over to another rebreather without loosing credit for what you have already learnt!

For details of the Rebreather Specialities - details can be referred under the SPECIALITIES drop down screen.

All courses may be purchased once you have registered through your login at the RAID Online Store.

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