Nitrox Specialty


This Speciality is designed to extend your knowledge and skills in the use of oxygen enriched gases for Sport Diving. It develops the knowledge required to plan, analyse and use an Enriched Air Nitrox breathing gas mix for recreational no decompression diving.

This speciality can be run for any certified diver who has the equivalent of RAID Open Water 20.


1. Gas planning for Nitrox mixes of up to 40% for recreational diving.

2. Skills to analyse and tag a Nitrox cylinder.

3. Planning for maximum 1.4 PpO2 at the target depth.

4. Understanding of the planning for oxygen toxicity and the effects of CNS and OTU.


1. To be a minimum of 15 years old.
2. Certified RAID Open Water 20 or equivalent.
3. Complete the RAID registration procedures.


1. RAID On-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exam and practical skills as detailed.
2. Optional open water training.



1. All open water skills have been acknowledged and accepted on-line through the RAID web site by both yourself and your instructor.
2. The RAID Dive Centre has confirmed certification on-line through the RAID web site.

If you are all ready registered go to RAID ONLINE STORE in your login to Sign up for a course now.

The above is subject to the RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.





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