Cave 1 Diver


Cave diving represents the pinnacle of advanced or technical diving. The skills and techniques required to safely plan and execute cave dives have been applied successfully to wreck, deep open water, reef, and research diving. Before technical diving was an option from any agency or equipment manufacturer, cave divers where off in a corner somewhere doing their thing in almost exactly the same way as now.

But things have changed of course. Technology has given us better equipment (no longer have to use a bleach jug on a rope as a buoyancy device or a Department of Florida road sign as a backplate. Another major improvement is that you have options for choosing when agency you earn your accreditation with.

At RAID we believe our Cave programs are second to none. They have been developed by a team of experienced, professional cave divers with the main focus on safety, a nod to the history of cave diving, but a strong understanding of how modern equipment and an up-to-date knowledge of what makes for effective learning.

Most of all, RAID's Cave Program was developed by men and women who enjoy cave diving, and want you to appreciate the unique environment as much as they do.


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