RB Deco 60m/200ft



This rebreather Trimix programme is designed to extend your knowledge and develop the skills for decompression procedures required in the use of mixed (Oxygen, Helium & Nitrogen) gases for Sport Diving to a maximum depth of 60m / 197ft.


This programme qualifies you to a depth of 60 m / 197 ft and complete dives with mandatory decompression stop requirements without limit.
This speciality is generic and may be applied to any RAID registered rebreather which meets the requirements and any diver who meets the prerequisites.


Hypoxic Diluent gas and Stage cylinders Open Circuit oxygen enriched gas (EANx / Nitrox) mixes from 16% to a maximum of 100% fraction of oxygen.


To be a minimum of 18 years old.
To be a certified diver for at least 8 months.
Certified RB Deco 50m/164ft Speciality diver or equivalent rebreather certification/s (submit
logged dives of which at least 5 hours between 35 - 50 m/115 -164 ft during decompression dives.
Submit a current Rescue Breathing/CPR Training and Oxygen Provider certificate (DAN/equivalent).
Rebreather specific Speciality or equivalent.
50 logged hours underwater using a rebreather.
Documented proof of prerequisite requirements needs to be presented to the Dive Centre for approval prior to any in water training.
Complete the medical statement and pass a dive medical with a certified doctor, before this course.
Proficiency with the use of manual inflation addition (MI) gasses (in to the breathing loop) with a minimum of 10 hours logged underwater and minimum of 10 ascents from a minimum depth of 40m / 132ft, including decompression stops whilst using MI to maintain a safe breathable gas.


RAID On-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exam and practical skills as detailed.
Stamina and Waterman ship skills.
Confined water and open water sessions, totalling a minimum of 6 hours (360 min) underwater.


For this course you will be required to have use of the following:
1 x rebreather with the following requirements but not limited to:
RAID Registered Rebreather

1 x rebreather with the following requirements but not limited to:
RAID Registered Rebreather
Manual Oxygen addition valve
Manual Diluent addition valve
PpO2 Display
ADV with on/off switch (optional)
Ability to ‘plugin' to the rebreather loop off-board gas
Manufacturer's depth specifications/limitations is 60m/197ft or below this depth

3 minimum side sling cylinders (minimum size 5 lt/40cu ft)
3 x first stage
3 x second stage with Octo hose
3 x SPG with short HP hose
3 x BCD/inflator LP hose
1 x Drysuit inflator hose if applicable interchangeable with BCD connection
1 x mixed gas rebreather dive computer
1 x dive timer or mixed gas dive computer
1 x slate
2 x SMBs and reels
1 x knife
2 x dive masks
1 x torch/light/underwater lamp
1 x exposure suit as required
1 x second buoyancy device with interchangeable inflator system with primary BCD & LP hose.


All confined and open water skills have been acknowledged and accepted on-line through the
RAID web site by both yourself and your instructor.
The RAID Dive Centre has confirmed certification on-line through the RAID web site.
The above is subject to the RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.


This course may be purchased through the on-line store when you are logged in.


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