SE7EN / MK6 Tech Poseidon

Mk6 SE7EN  (Manual Inflation) Technical Poseidon

Training through both the Recreational and Technical path

This unit is targeted for the Recreational and Technical diver market - surface to 100m/328ft.

The RAID Mk6 SE7EN MI course requires the following manufacturer modifications to the standard Mk6 or SE7EN CCR.

Manual Inflation Counter Lungs (Diluent & Oxygen)
ADV Shut Off Valve
Inverted Oxygen and Diluent Cylinders - not the standard up right cylinder configuration
Third Oxygen Sensor and independent Rebreather loop Oxygen Partial Pressure gas reading with integrated dive computer


Minimum age is 18 years at the start of training.

The Mk6 SE7EN with manual inflation Speciality is minimum 8 hours of underwater training with an Mk6 SE7EN MI Speciality Instructor.

A certified diver may start from Level 2 with the Mk6 SE7EN MI Speciality or they could cross over from the Mk6 SE7EN STD at any level.

A certified diver on the Mk6 SE7EN MI is also certified to dive the MK6 SE7EN STD.

Please note divers certified through RAID on the Mk6 or SE7EN STD is not qualified to dive the MK6 or SE7EN with manual inflation.

The above is subject to RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.



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