Classic KISS


Training through our Recreational or Technical path

The Classic KISS is best known as the ‘manual oxygen' controlled rebreather. There is no electronic controlled Set Point which tracks and controls the partial pressure of oxygen in the breathing loop. What it does have is a constant flow orifice that continually allows a small amount of oxygen into the loop and supported by manual addition oxygen valve which the diver uses to maintain their own Set Point.

This system demands a certain amount of attention by the diver, as there are no alarms, lights or any other type of signaling device to alert the diver. This means the diver is not relying or trusting on anything other than themselves and the skills they have learnt during their training.

RAID training is demanding with a simple philosophy - Train Hard and Dive Easy


These Standards are forming part of, and are in addition to the RAID General Diving Standards and apply equally to confined and open water training.

By the end of this unit specific training course you need to own and/or have possession of a Classic KISS rebreather.

Eye Test
You are required to pass the vision eye test. Your RAID instructor shall check this with you; by requesting you to read out the figures in the handset/dive computer whilst wearing a mask that you intend to wear underwater.

Dive Computer
This Specialty requires you have and use for all dives a CCR dive computer (integrated or independent) that is compatible with the Classic KISS. If an independent computer is used then the Classic KISS must have Jetsam triple wrist to display the partial pressure of oxygen in the loop.


A certified diver may start from Level 2 with the O2ptima Speciality or you can cross over from any other rebreather at any level.

If this Speciality is taken with a core rebreather Level then times specified in your RAID core rebreather level of in water training shall be extended by a minimum or total of:

Confined water: 1 Hour
Open water: 7 Hours and 6 Dives

The minimum times for a RAID certified rebreather diver cross over (stand alone) course shall be:

Confined water: 2 hours (120 minutes) extra
Open water: 7 Hours and 6 Dives

The above is subject to RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.



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