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All RAID Training follows International Standards.


A person who is participating in practical training after they have registered, accepted the relevant liabilities and completed the waivers, meet the medical requirements, purchased / Credited a RAID training program / course, appointed a RAID Dive Center and the Dive Center has appointed a RAID Instructor to the student.


Review, complete and sign the following forms:

RAID Liability Release and Assumption of Risk
RAID Safe Diving Practices and Statement of Understanding
Medical Statement Questionnaire

To complete and accept on-line, a Medical Statement Questionnaire, and/or if any question was answered "YES" in the Medical Statement, submit a current medical form signed by a Dive Physician, before any in water training (legal requirements as to an approved dive medical physician may vary from country to country).

To submit all previous documents of dive certifications from Level 2 (or equivalent), and/or complete, to the satisfaction of your instructor, the minimum in water skills of the RAID program. The instructor is to evaluate these skills.

Documented proof of prerequisite requirements needs to be presented to your RAID Dive Center / instructor for approval, prior to any in water training.

You should be in good overall health, have a mature attitude, sound judgement and self-discipline to follow the guidelines that you will be taught for safe diving.

Following successful FREE diver registration you may purchase a training program and appoint a RAID Dive Center. If you may already know your instructor, appoint the RAID Dive Center the instructor works with.


You will need to have a diving mask, snorkel, fins, adequate exposure suit, whistle and/or signalling device, buoyancy compensation device and SCUBA equipment appropriate for the program.

When you have chosen a RAID Dive Center, chat with your instructor about your equipment which you can either purchase or rent.


Independent study and preparation means you can learn at your own pace, which is flexible and effective to suit you. You can, at any time, choose your dive center and arrange your in water training and ask any questions regarding the academic sections. You can download the PDF training manual and/or view the PDF manuals for all the relevant Academic Sections online, and complete the required quizzes and final exam.

Remember, it is 'open book'! The material presented in the manuals is for reference purposes and must be used when answering the quick quiz and exams.


Here you will put into practice all the knowledge you have learned. Your dive center/instructor will ask you to complete, along with a few other forms, a written Academic Quick Quiz Review. Once this is finished and passed you will begin the practical in water training. If you don't understand why you are doing a particular skill/activity, please ask your instructor.

First you will start with your CONFINED WATER and then followed by your OPEN WATER training.

Remember: you can register for more than one academic course at a time, and complete the practical in progression. You are not a RAID Student until you start your practical training with a RAID Instructor appointed by your RAID Dive Center, so contact a RAID Dive Center NOW

For example, complete all the theory for Open water 20 and Explorer 30 at home, then go to a tropical island and complete all the in water practical dive training.


RAID Certifications will be issued to you, by your appointed RAID Dive Center online, after being verified by your instructor, and yourself that you have satisfactorily met all the performance requirements and logged your dives in your personal logbook (online).

From the date of online purchase of your training program, you have 6 (six) months to complete the course.


Plan and dive with your buddy, without instructor supervision, while applying the skills and knowledge learned in the RAID program, under conditions that are equal or better than the conditions where you were trained.

Continue your RAID diver training program.

Meet divers by joining a Dive Club, getting newsletters and information, booking a dive vacation /holiday, going places and having fun. Discover local diving by going to a new dive site and take a guided tour.


A Parent or Guardian signature is required on forms for all in water activities for any persons under the legal age of the country in which the program is undertaken, and/or 18 years or younger.

Please read the Medical Statement Questionnaire before signing up and paying for the academic section of the online course. If you purchase a program and for whatever reason you are unable to participate there is no refund.

If you become ill and/or injured during any RAID program or prior to the continuation of the program, a new Medical Statement Questionnaire needs to be completed and signed by a Medical Physician.

A new RAID Medical Statement Questionnaire for every new course will be required. If there is any doubt in medical circumstances - your physical and/or mental condition, then a new medical statement will be required to be completed and passed by a qualified Medical Physician.
A RAID Medical Statement is only valid for 6 (six) months.

If you start another in water RAID Training Program within 6 (six) months from the signed date of the completed medical form by a Medical Physician, then a new medical form, signed by a Medical Physician is NOT required. It must be noted that medical requirements may vary from country to country and you may need to contact the local RAID Area Representative for clarification.

Student divers may not sign their own medical statement or give themselves a medical clearance if they are a Physician.

Please note, when you meet your instructor, you will be required to physically sign the:

RAID Liability Release and Assumption of Risk
RAID Safe Diving Practices and Statement of Understanding
Medical Statement Questionnaire

And don't forget to bring your Physician's note, if required.


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